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Sydney is the right place to rent a car

Sydney public transport doesn’t have the best reputation and there is a reason for that. You’d better rent a car and be free to drive wherever you want. You can pick up your car rental right in the centre of the city (see addresses in the right column). The streets are large and in good conditions. Driving in the CBD or on the other side of the Harbour Bridge can be sometimes confusing so a GPS is probably advised.One thing to keep in mind: parking in Sydney city could be extremely expensive! But don’t worry, you just need to find the right spot. As BestCarRental helps you compare car rental, this very handy website compare carpark rates for you: You’ll see, you can always find a cheap one.

For such a large, 21st century urban environment Sydney has a very relaxed reputation that centres on the quality of the outdoor life it offers. This makes it a very popular city to visit. With friendly locals who have boundless energy and enthusiasm for that outdoor life Sydney really is Australia’s global city.

Sydney has a style all of its own, has a love of sport, even by Australian standards and loves to throw exuberant parties to celebrate national holidays such as Australia Day and New Years Eve. The extensive list of things to do – and places to do them – contains venues that are within easy reach of the city and its harbour. The harbour particualrly, sits at the heart of many of the activities on offer in the city.

Sydney is also a foodie’s heaven with the local cuisine being a fusion of all of the tastes of all those varied people who now call Sydney home.

Renting from Sydney City or Sydney Airport?

If you fly to Sydney, bear in mind that airport taxes apply on car rental as well. On one hand, it’s convenient because you pick up the car directly from the terminal and the desks are open almost 24/7. But on the other hand, renting a car from the airport will be more expensive than from the city. If you want to save on the airport taxes, you have different options to get to the city:

  • Airport shuttle: ~AUD 14 per person
  • Train: ~AUD 14 per person
  • Taxi: ~AUD 60 up to 4 passengers

And once you are there, you can pick up the car from one of the locations listed in the right column. To find out which one of them offers the best deal, enter your travel details in the search form above and hit the search button to compare their car rental rates.


Sydney: Never Enough Time to Do It All

There’s so much to do in this cultural melting pot that the best way to see the city is precinct by precinct – much as a local would.

Some of the best precincts to get to know are:

  • Bondi Beach or Manly beach: two very different styles but both are magnificent spots. It would be too hard to choose one of them. The easiest is to add both to your todo list. If you have time, make sure you add the other ones as well: Coogee, Bronte, Tamarama and Maroubra. By the way, there is a very nice walk to do: The Bondi to Coogee Walk. Park the car you hired in Bondi, walk to Coogee and come back with the bus, it’s a fantastic way to visit the area.
  • Kings Cross or The Cross as the locals call it has an international reputation for an edgy, anything goes kind of atmosphere that is quite justified. It really is a perfect blend of strip clubs, cool bars, fantastic food and some of the cities trendiest hotels. Cultural highlights include the Griffin Theatre Company and the Cross Arts Project where leading edge art projects and theatre works are regularly presented.
  • Darlinghurst has a main strip; Oxford Street that hosts the city’s now famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade in March. For the rest of the year it is the home of some of Sydney’s most prestigious retail venues. The area is perfect for great food and wine as well as some good old fashioned people watching.
  • Potts Point is peppered with grand old mansions and architectural treasures that point to it being one of the oldest in the city. The once spectacular mansion houses now house art and design galleries where Sydney’s enormously creative output can be seen.
  • Chinatown in Sydney really manages to generate the exciting streetlife that is seen in so many of Asia’s major cities. Not strictly Chinese, much more pan-Asian there is an exciting mix of restaurants, food shops to buy your own ingredients and noodle bars. There are also gift shops that appear a little odd but seem to fit very well with the Chinatown atmosphere.
  • As well as a tourist and cultural centre Sydney is, of course, centre of much of Australia’s big business. It is also home to plenty of not so big business as well and a company car hire to get around the city is worth considering if you are visiting on a business trip.

How To Find Cheap Car Rental in Sydney

Sydney is a large city and there are car rental outlets in most of the major precincts. All of the six major car hire companies have offices in multiple locations.This can make getting the best possible deal somewhat of an effort unless you use Don’t bother wandering from one car hire company to another. Simply fill out the search form above with as much about your cheap car hire needs as you can. Our search engine will then look at hundreds of offers to find the ones that are best suited to your trip details and in the blink of an eye we’ll offer you the best deals that match your needs. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and probably think our prices are like wholesale prices, they’re that low. You’ll also get a wide choice of models because we work with so many operators.