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The growth of Australia’s Gold Coast is a remarkable story. The second largest city in Queensland and the sixth largest in the country is a stunning development of spectacular modern high rise buildings. The buildings have grown up alongside the stunning beaches of the area whilst preserving the true beauty of much of the surroundings.

World renowned beaches such as Surfers Paradise and the first appearance of the now legendary bikini swimming costume make Gold Coast completely inseparable from surfing culture. Besides the close links with beach life, the city also provides a gateway to the lush sub-tropical rainforest and the rugged Queensland outback beyond that.

Gold Coast: Not Just Sun Sea and Sand

Don’t know what to do in Gold Coast? It’s more likely to be not enough time to do it all in Gold Coast. The area has some of the most stunning beaches in the world amongst which is the famous Surfers Paradise which is in the very centre of the city itself. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is simply a beach with young, sun-loving surfer types. Like most of the famous beaches in the area, it’s a holiday destination for people of all ages. Daytime sees sports activities and shopping opportunities whilst nightlife at bars, clubs and restaurants takes over as the sun goes down.

In spite of the name, Gold Coast is about much more than just the beaches. Cheap car hire means you can travel inland and you’ll come across a mix of ancient rainforests illuminated by sparkling waterfalls leading to mossy gorges. There are spectacular views from walking trails that cross world heritage sites such as Springbrook National Parks and Lamington and there are planned trekking routes such as the four day Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk.

Gold Coast is also host to a thriving business community that has been nurtured and supported by the city and state authorities. Chambers of Commerce, organisations advising on “green” business development as well as business technology incubators such as the Gold Coast Innovation Centre makes the city an emerging destination of choice for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Whatever type of car hire you are looking for, company car hire or a cheap car rental for a vacation, there are plenty of outlets for all of the major car companies in Gold Coast and they offer a wide range of vehicle types. Smaller nippy vehicles such as the Toyota Yaris for around town, 4WD vehicles for trips into the hinterland and a range of hybrid “green” cars that is set to keep on expanding with current trends.

How To Find Cheap Car Rental in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is well served for car rental; all of the major car hire companies have offices. This means spending plenty of time on the phone or logged on looking for the best possible deals. There is, however another way. Fill out the search form at the top of this page and use our intelligent search engine. It’s designed to capture exactly what type of car rental you are looking for and to then sour all the major companies looking for the best possible deal for you. We regularly work with the major car hire companies so you can be sure that you will receive top quality service and bargain basement pricing. Frequently we can manage to find prices that are so good they almost look as though they are wholesale.

Of course, with such a wide variety of suppliers there is also a wide variety of models to choose from, whatever the category of car you are looking for. You can even find a range of the very latest “green” technology, hybrid cars that mean a driving holiday with a clear conscience.

Whatever car you are looking for, for whatever purpose the one golden rule is to book as early as you can. The farther in advance you book, the greater chance of finding an Early Bird offer that gives an eye watering discount so don’t delay, book your car rental now.