Tips for Renting a Car Overseas

Whenever someone takes a trip abroad the first thing on their mind is whether they can arrange an accommodation and rent a car to travel. These are perhaps the two most key elements of travelling. According to experts finding a place isn’t that difficult but finding a suitable overseas car rental is. Most people struggle with the language when they are abroad, while others don’t plan in advance. These are self inflicted problems that can easily be avoided. You can get a cheap car rental if you know where to look. Here are a few tips to help you rent a car overseas.

Do your Research

Before you turn up at compare car rental in Darwin airport you must do your research. Car rental companies abroad can charge you all sorts of fees without you knowing which is why you must select a rental firm in advance. You can look up online to find detailed information about cart rental companies. Always choose one that is reputable and has received good reviews from other customers.

Rental Agreements

Some overseas car rental companies present their rental contracts in the local language which means that foreigners are often unable to understand what is written. If you are faced with such a situation then you must deal with it confidently. Ask the car hire company to give you the agreement in English if they refuse then its best to move on. Never sign anything that you do not understand.


If a friend or relative has travelled before to the place where you are going then it is wise to ask them for advice. An experienced traveler can definitely help you out with overseas car rental. In some countries you are even asked to provide your passport as guarantee for the vehicle that you are borrowing. This is something that you must look to avoid, don’t give out your passport unless it is absolutely necessary.

Second Driver Charges

Car rental companies can charge you for a lot of different things including second driver charges. These are charges that you have to pay when someone accompanies you on the journey and drives around. So always confirm this cost with your rental company before you go on your journey.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is basically a guarantee against any possible damage that could occur to the car whilst you are driving it. Rental car insurance may or not be provided by your car insurance provider. You must consult with your insurance agent to find out the key specifications. There are a lot of different types of insurance that you can get from single owner liability to collision damage waiver.

Condition of the Car

You also need to check the condition of the rental car before you borrow it. Most big name companies maintain their cars very nicely. As a customer you must check the condition of the car and if it is not ideal then ask the company to provide you a better one. Some people also believe that it is wise to photograph the car before you drive off so that you have proof for later in case of any damage claims by the car rental.

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