How to Find the Best Compensation Lawyers For Car Accident Claims

If you’ve suffered an injury in a no-fault car accident, or other types of road accidents, you may be wondering how do I find the best personal injury lawyer to act on my behalf?

For most people, their first port of call will be to Google ‘Best compensation lawyers for car accidents.

Google prioritises searches by placing what they believe to be the most relevant and reputable sources on the first page. However, there are a few other ways to find a suitable candidate.

Some tried and tested methods of finding a good lawyer include:

Word of mouth

Referrals are what I’m talking about here. Ask your friends, colleagues and family members if they know anyone they could recommend.

If you don’t know a lawyer that can assist you, someone you know might.

You might even find that the person you ask has had a good experience in the past with an injury solicitor that helped them with their claim.

Your chances of finding a good lawyer using this method are higher because someone you trust wouldn’t recommend someone they had a negative experience with.

Once you have your referral, check their website and give them a call and ask them exactly how they can help.

Double check any prospective candidates

Even if a law firm has excellent online reviews on their own website, try to confirm this on third-party websites that they have no control over.

Sites such as the yellow pages and Trustpilot are a great place to check customer reviews.

You can also check and see if anyone has left them a review on Google. These can usually be found on their map listing when you search their company name and location.

Finally, ask another lawyer for their opinion on any potential candidates and only work with an accredited specialist.

Ensure they have experience in cases like yours

This is probably one of the most important checks you should conduct.

The personal Injury sector is huge. Some personakl injury lawyers might specialise in car accidents while some may concentrate on medical negligence.

Just like any other industry the level of skill and experience varies hugely.

Now you wouldn’t want a plumber coming to your house to build a wall.

The same goes for lawyers, if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident you would want to hire a someone who practices solely in road accident injury claims.

Most law firms specialise in specific areas anyway, and rarely practice in multiple areas.

Injury claims can be complicated and the laws are continually changing, so you need to make sure that whoever you choose is experienced and successful.

One notable firm with excellent car accident compensation lawyers is Unlucky.

They service the whole of Australia and have a reputation for overachieving in RTA cases.

Can they offer you No Win No Fee?

Most firms will undertake your claim on a no win no fee arrangement.

By making your claim on no win no pay basis, you are protecting yourself financially if your claim is unsuccessful.

This is because a firm will run your cases without taking an upfront payment from you.

They will also be the ones that foot the legal costs if you lose your case, so you don’t have to worry about being left out of pocket.

Another good thing about this type of arrangement is that the compensation lawyer acting on your behalf will only take on your claim if they know they can win.

Was you not at fault for your car accident? Do you need an no charge accident replacement vehicle while yours gets fixed?

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